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For my upcoming scuba diving trip, I didn't feel like bringing my heavy DSLR with me so I'm instead bringing my old Minolta X-370s 35mm film camera. It's been collecting dust for the past few years, but in getting it ready for the trip I found out there was still half a roll of the Ilford HP5 Plus film in it. I also found a fully exposed roll of the same film sitting in a drawer. I had no clue how long it's been sitting there.

So I took them in to get developed, looking forward to seeing what mystery photos awaited me. Though I wasn't sure if these photos were still intact since they were exposed years ago and the film had long expired.

To my delight, all of them survived, albeit a little faded. It turned out these were shot around the first half of 2017 and were mostly of my cat Simba. Here are some of my favorites:

Black and white photo of a cat next to a window looking off in the distance

Black and white photo of a cat sitting on a windowsill

Black and white photo of a cat laying in bed

And a few I took recently from the half roll that was left in the camera:

Black and white photo of a dog sitting in a field looking at the camera

Black and white photo of a field with a train track in the foreground

This discovery reminded me of how much I enjoy shooting film, and now I'm even more excited to bring the camera on the trip.

Hopefully it won't take me seven years to get them developed this time.

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