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Hello, I’m Zack. Thanks for stopping by!

I'm a software developer at Shopify. Originally from Krabi, Thailand, I'm currently living and working in the suburbs of Boulder, Colorado, USA.

This blog is a place for me write about my interests and things I find worth sharing. The best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to the RSS feed.

See my now page for what I'm up to these days and my uses page for tools I use.

I also make iOS apps in my spare time.

About This Site

The domain is because Vatthikorn is my actual first name and Zack is just a name I go by for non-Thai speakers. As I’m often asked how to pronounce my Thai name, วัทธิกร อภิรติธรรม, below is an audio clip of me saying it:

Or if you prefer IPA: /wát̚tʰíkɔːn ā-pʰírátìtʰām/.

This site is built using Gatsby and hosted on Netlify. The text is written in Markdown and the entire site is stored in a Git repository.

Site analytics are provided by GoatCounter, a privacy-focus web analytics platform that doesn't track your personal data. You can see their privacy policy for more details.

The text is set in Avenir for English and in Sarabun (สารบรรณ) for Thai.

The favicon is rice by James Kopina from the Noun Project.

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