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Last Updated: 13 January 2024 (Colorado, USA)

Diving Deep Into Middle-earth Lore

Slowly making my way through the illustrated edition of The Silmarillion. I enjoy seeing all the drawings by Tolkien himself but this is not at all an easy read compared to The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings. It reads like some old scriptures and I'm imagining is what reading the Tripitaka/Quran/Bible must be like. To help with the task, I've been reading these excellent chapter summaries by Dawn Felagund after finishing each chapter to make sure I have the full understanding of the text.

I'm excited to pick up Not the End of the World by Hannah Ritchie next (already got my order in at a local bookstore). I saw both John Green and Bill Gates recommending this at the end of last year.

See my full reading log.

Intrigued by Sailing

Thanks to conversations with friends and the YouTube algorithm, I've been watching and thinking a lot about sailing. I was surprised to learn that there is a thriving sailing community here in this landlocked state. Jess and I now plan to take the basic sailing course when the season starts in April.

Thai Food History

I recently discovered OTR Food & History YouTube channel and I can't have enough of their videos. They talk about Thai dishes and histories behind them. Super fascinating and incredibly well-researched and produced. I highly recommend their pad kaprao and fried chicken videos. I'm still working my way through their surprisingly large video catalog.

I'm planning my next trip back to Thailand later this year and this channel already gave me so many ideas on where to go for some good food.

Ski Season

This is the first winter that I'm committing to learning and going skiing more. I got the Epic Pass and have gone out 8 days so far, and still many more to go.

Cool People I'm Supporting

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