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F1 2024 Season Predictions

After a long winter break, it's finally race week! Inspired by The Backmarkers podcast, I figured I'd write down my predictions for the F1 2024 season to see how many of these I get right by the end of the year.

If you follow the sport, you'll know a couple of these predictions are unlikely to happen. But obviously I am biased, and those are more of my wishcasting than anything.

  • Max wins drivers' championship with fewer than four races remaining. He doesn't win as many races as he did last year. There are three other race winners besides him.
  • Red Bull wins constructors' championship at the Austin Grand Prix. Mercedes comes in second and the point gap to Red Bull is smaller than last year.
  • Lewis wins a race with Mercedes one last time at the São Paulo Grand Prix.
  • Lando wins his maiden Grand Prix (it's long overdue).
  • RB1 finishes higher in constructors' championship than last year.
  • Yuki gets his maiden podium, and outscores Daniel at the end of the season.
  • Alex gets a podium (by some miracle).
  • Carlos outscores Charles.
  • Logan loses his seat at Williams.
  • Alex gets the Mercedes seat.
  • Checo loses his Red Bull seat and Carlos gets it.
  • After the investigation, Christian Horner remains Red Bull team principal and only gets a slap on the wrist2.

  1. I hate their new team name so much. ↩︎

  2. We'll find out about this tomorrow. I won't be surprised if the allegations are proven to be true. But I can't imagine Red Bull sacking him, as much as I'd love to see that happen. ↩︎

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