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Experimenting with DALL-E

I recently got an invite to DALL-E so I'm here to share some of the images it generated with my prompts.

Two Formula One cars driving through snowy Yellowstone National Park at sunrise

dall e f1

Not bad, but those don't look at all like F1 cars.

An orange tabby cat driving a Formula 1 car in Monaco at night

dall e monaco

Looks like he's having a blast in that Ferrari.

Now I figured I'd try something that might be easier.

Various Thai dishes laid out on a table viewed from top down

dall e thai food

I was pretty impressed with this one. You can see rice, curries, some sort of fried dishes, and maybe salads? What's pretty cool is three of them have fork and spoon which are required for a proper Thai meal.

A table full of Isaan dishes with a backdrop of mountains from northeastern Thailand

dall e isaan

These look almost real. I suppose there are a lot of example images on the internet just like these.

Let's see how well it knows this one Thai dish.

Authentic panang curry

dall e panang

These look quite photorealistic, have the correct color, and some even have makrut lime leaves. Though unfortunately it seems to only know what panang curry is like from a western perspective as they all look too soupy.

I couldn't find any information about running DALL-E with non-English prompts, but to my surprise it accepted my Thai prompts and attempted to generate somewhat relevant images.


(panang curry)

dall e panang thai

Not even close. But at least they look like they were photos taken in Thailand.


(chicken rice)

dall e chicken rice

Now these look better as they're at least images of food. But they're no where near what chicken rice is supposed to look like.

I figured I should try something easier by giving it the same prompt as one of their examples, but in Thai.


(An armchair in the shape of an avocado)

dall e avocado chair

Way off again. But again, they look like they could be sceneries from Thailand... and some gyozas?

Now let's try something completely fictional and/or absurd.

Gandalf, Dumbledore, and Spock having a hotpot meal aboard the Millennium Falcon

dall e hotpot

A group of adventurers consisting of four hobbits, two men, an elf, and a dwarf in boats traveling down a great river towards an ominous volcano looming off in the distance, digital art

dall e lotr

A man with long brown beard, blue eyes, face as red as a ripe apple, wearing an old battered hat with a tall crown and a long blue feather stuck in the band, blue coat, and yellow boots hopping and dancing down a path carrying a large leaf as a tray for a pile of white water lilies

dall e bombadil

Two Allomancers wearing cloaks flying through an ash-covered city at night by jumping off coins

dall e mistborn

A bulbous and elongated creature with smoky, translucent skin that its bones can be seen, with dozens of limbs that look like they come from different animals

dall e mistwraith

Charles Leclerc winning the 2022 Formula One World Championship

dall e charles

A Lascaux cave painting of a space shuttle

dall e shuttle

Star Wars as Egyptian hieroglyphs

dall e star wars

Welp, there goes all my credits. That was fun.

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