Starting on a New Mac

I have been rocking my 15″ MacBook Pro since 2010 and after nearly 7 years of use, it’s finally time for it to retire*. Unfortunately it’s been plagued with near-constant GPU panics for the last year or so, which makes it almost unbearable to use since it would just crash and restart every so often. I have been extending its liftspan for as long as I could. I upgraded its storage twice, first to a 1TB hard drive and later to an SSD. The RAM was also upgraded to 8GB and both of the fans were replaced.

I moved 9 times to 5 different cities in 3 different countries, and this laptop was always along for the ride. I got this machine when I was back in high school, then I took it to college and graduated with it. This machine has been with me longer than anything else I currently own. If I were to carry just my belongings that I’ve had since 2010, I would be standing with only this laptop in my hands, naked.

But a laptop upgrade was long overdue and I couldn’t be more excited.

In setting up my new MacBook Pro, I made a checklist of all the applications and settings I need to be able to use it normally:

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